Thursday, May 30, 2024


It’s not a great show unless you’ve seen something amazing and the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo promises to deliver just that – some of Australia’s finest hot rods, customs, street machines and motorcycles!

Be at the show early on Saturday to take in the unveilings as the sheets are wound back on these new and yet to be seen cars and bikes, and listen to the owners as they’re interviewed live about the builds.

The Austin Arrowsmith Elegance Award is the event’s pinnacle award. Austin Arrowsmith is considered the founder of the Sydney Hot Rod Show and the award was created with the blessing of his son, Lynn Arrowsmith.

Only vehicles that debut at the show are eligible for the award, the winner selected from eight finalists.

“They can be cars or bikes, there’s no prejudice,” confirms promoter Andy Minas. “The show judges select the winner, but it still needs that wow factor. You could have a million dollar car and still not win, it has to be more than that, it has to be a beautiful car.”