Tuesday, June 25, 2024


In conjunction with prolific hot rodder Andy Colalillo, aka Andy Outkast, Nostalgia Lane boasts an amazing collection of vintage styled hot rods, customs and race cars that will transport you back to a time that was once forgotten. Elegant lowriders and lead sleds; reborn dragsters and gassers that once terrorised drag strips and will again; hand built, no frills hot rods built to be driven anytime and anywhere – Nostalgia Lane is all about cars with soul!

This no frills – all thrills invitational part of the show has been embraced by dozens of influential young car clubs from across the east coast, each club hand crafting an award and presenting it to a vehicle of their choice. A Nostalgia Lane trophy can only be earned, never bought!

Occupying its very own space withim the Rosehill precinct, Nostalgia Lane has become a true highlight and a defining element of the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo.